Summer 2022 Online Camps

Explore a variety of online summer camps. Unleash your creativity and build lasting skills in engineering fundamentals, artistic game design, and programming.

Grades 5-8. This camp will introduce students to the fundamentals of electronics and circuit assembly. Students will design and test online circuits and build their own robot.

Grades 5-8. Learn how to create your own Super Mario Bros-inspired online game! Design a game with coins, health, enemies, and mystery boxes.

Grades 5-8. Students will learn how to create their very own 3D Adventure Game. They will learn how to utilize pre-made assets and model their own game environment from scratch

Grades 5-8. Use your student’s love for Minecraft to teach them more about programming in this fun Minecraft Coding Camp! Learn to code puzzles, creative games, and construct complex buildings in the game.