Game Design Summer Camp

Camp Timings

June 28-July 9 from 1-2 P.M.

Age Group

Students in 5th-8th grade

Join us for this fun, creative course that will teach you to how to create your very own Super Mario Bros-inspired online game! Learn to design a game with coins, health, enemies, and mystery boxes. Students will use, a free online game creator. They will be familiarized with the game interface and work with the intuitive drag-and-drop coding program. Students will have opportunity to unleash their creativity and build lasting skills in artistic game design and game logic.

Class fee for two weeks is $40. Materials needed: computer/laptop. No coding experience required!

Drag and Drop Coding

Explore the world of inputs and outputs. Make your character come to life with drag and drop technology.

Artistic Design

With a library of beautiful blocks, designing is made simple. Learn to assemble your world with vivid colors and fun characters.

Level Up

Create your own character to play up to three levels. Fight enemies, unlock mystery boxes, collect coins (or bananas), and avoid enemies!

Your Instructors

Kavya Khare (left) will be attending UC Davis for Electrical Engineering and Natasha Parker (right) will be attending Carnegie Mellon for Computer Science. Kavya and Natasha are proficient in electronic design, computer aided design, and Arduino language and electronics. They love to teach students about the various elements of making – and love to make themselves! As avid gamers, they have taken an interest in making games and have designed the images above.

Student Examples

Invasion of the Evil Mushrooms by Nicole

Reign of the Alien King by Danny

Mario 3.0 by Derek

Game Design Camp 2020

“Thank you so much for teaching my son about game design. Hope my son has chances to learn from you again in the future.”

“This is the online camp Derek enjoyed the most and the only one that he can’t wait to return daily. You both did a great job keeping the kids engaged and helping answer all their questions even with additional time outside of the regular session. I applause you for all the efforts that you have put in!”-Szu-Huey C.

“Thank you for organizing the class so well. My kids enjoyed it a lot and say it was the best class they took for the summer!” -Cherie T.

“You guys are awesome for hosting the camp for the kids, you explained things so well.” -Angela L.