Intro to Engineering Camp

Camp Timings

July 25-August 5th

1-3 P.M. (PST)

Age Group

Students in 5th-8th grade

Join us for this fun, interactive two-week camp that will introduce students to the fundamentals of electronics and circuit assembly. During the first week of the course, students will be familiarized with Autodesk Tinkercad circuits, a virtual circuit simulator. Students can place and wire components, program using codeblocks and C++, and simulate their code and virtual circuit to see how their design works in real life. In the second week of the course, students will apply their knowledge of circuit design and code to build their own, physical electronics project using an Arduino, breadboards, LEDS, and other circuit components. 

Class fee for two weeks is $160. Early bird discount: $120. Project fees may be added to camp cost. Materials needed: computer/laptop. No prior engineering/programming experience required.

Electronic Design

Explore a diverse library of electronic components to assemble circuits of your very own design. Learn about resistors, LEDs, potentiometer, sensors, and servos through our example circuits taught in class.

Drag and Drop Code

Write drag and drop code to simulate and light up your circuit. In this course, students will learn how to code in scratch and C++.

Hands-On Learning

Students will be able to apply the knowledge they learned form the first week and build their own dancing robot using an Arduino Nano, breadboard, and other circuit components.

Your Instructors

Kavya Khare is attending UC Davis for Electrical Engineering and Natasha Parker is attending Carnegie Mellon for Computer Science. Kavya and Natasha are passionate about engineering. They have studied electronic design, computer aided design, and Arduino language and electronics. They find so much joy teaching students engineering and have led their school’s Makers Club in the past.